Buvuma Islands Ministry

Discovering God's Love, and Sharing It With Others on Uganda's Buvuma Islands

My First Trip to Tojjwe

On October 25, 2008, our family set out for Buvuma Island to show the Jesus film.  As we left, our oldest daughter Haley said she didn’t feel well, but we figured she would be alright.  Wrong!

By the time we had driven the two hours to Jinja, where our boat is kept, she was one very sick girl.  So with the help of David Dihkusooka, the Buvuma area overseer, we got a room at a Christian guest house and Donna stayed there to take care of Haley for the night.


Meanwhile, our daughter Rachel and I, along with David, proceeded on with the trip.  After a one and a half hour boat ride, we landed at the Kikongo Primary School, where I wanted to get a few measurements on the existing teachers house.  We are starting a new teachers housing project in January and I wanted to make sure of the dimensions.  

After checking them and greeting the teachers, it was back to the boat for another hour and a half ride to the village of Tojjwe.  I was excited because this was my first trip to any of the villages on Buvuma besides Kikongo.  Reaching the landing site, there was the usual crowd of kids to greet us and others to help carry us and the equipment ashore.  We stowed our gear in the small mud house WGM owns in Tojjwe and met Pastor Michael and his wife Joyce.  The Pastor then took us on a tour of the village.  After our tour, Rachel and I sat in the shade and were surrounded by a large group of curious kids.  Bazungu (white people) do not get to these villages often and are always a curiosity.

I found one little girl who knew some English and asked if the kids knew any songs.  They responded by singing “Jesus Loves Me” and several others for our benefit.  The people here are great singers and it really show in their church services.  After the kids had finished, Rachel and I tried (and I stress the word “tried”) to sing some simple motion songs and teach the kids the motions.  I just hope we didn’t turn them off to singing altogether!

As darkness fell, the equipment was set up, benches brought out from the church and a large crowd gathered for the film showing.  They were very interested and attentive.  At the end of the film, Pastor David gave an invitation for anyone who wanted to pray.  No one came forward to pray at this time, but the Pastor told us they would have lots of questions later.  So, we pray that seeds have been sown that will one day bear fruit for the Lord.

After supper and a good nights sleep, we headed back to Jinja to collect Haley and Donna, who was now also very sick, and returned home to Kampala.  Please pray for those who were present at the film showing, that they would all come to know Jesus.  And pray for us, as we continue to look for opportunities to share Him with the people of Uganda.