Buvuma Islands Ministry

Discovering God's Love, and Sharing It With Others on Uganda's Buvuma Islands

Meet the Buvuma Islands Team

We'd love for you to meet the Buvuma Islands ministry team

Rev. David Dhikusooka

David Dikhusooka

The ministry on the islands is headed by Rev. David Dhikusooka.   David is the overseer for these ministries for the Africa Gospel Church of Uganda.

David and his wife have been a key part of the Buvuma Islands ministry since the very beginning.  He started as an evangelist and logistics coordinator, become a pastor, and then became the overseer of all of the churches on the island and the rest of the island ministries.  He was ordained in May 2005 and continues to provide solid leadership for the ministries.


Ronde Musobya Headmaster Kikongo Primary SchoolMr. Ronde Musobya

Ronde Musobya is the headmaster of Kikongo Primary School.

He oversees the operations of the school with his team of qualified and committed teachers.

During Mr. Musobya's tenure as headmaster, Kikongo Primary School received full registration and licensing by the the Uganda government, and was named as a "model school" by the Ministry of Education and Sports.   As such, administrators and teachers from other schools in the area visit Kikongo to observe the operations there as an example of "best practices."

He is married and has several children.


esther-bursar-400Miss Esther Birungi

Esther is the bursar / business manager at Kikongo School.

She is responsible for overseeing the finances at the school, and ensure that sponsored children have their scholarship funds applied to their accounts.

She also teaches several classes and loves working with the kids.




john-and-beth-muehleisen-wgm-africa-400John and Beth Muehleisen

John and Beth are missionaries with World Gospel Mission.  They have lived in Africa most of the past 28 years and are currently based in Kampala, Uganda.

John serves as regional strategist for World Gospel Mission in Africa, and also serves are the liason between WGM and the Kikongo Island Ministries.

Beth is the business manager for WGM in Uganda and works in discipleship ministries with university students, as well.

Both are deeply involved in transformational training inititives in East Africa, especially working with CHE (Community Health Empowerment), the Samaritan Strategy, and Biblical Orality.

They have two adult children.