Buvuma Islands Ministry

Discovering God's Love, and Sharing It With Others on Uganda's Buvuma Islands

Ohio Christian University Task Force

ohio christian university teamOn May 12th, we took a college team from Ohio Christian University to Kikongo. 

We stayed for two nights,  allowing time for the team to pour the slab for the new teachers house we are buiding. 

This was the Men With Vision project that year and they have been busy raising money to get the house built. 

It is desperately needed, as we have several teachers living in a converted storage shed at the present time.  

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Steve Palmer team

rev. steve palmer on buvuma islandIn January 2009, we had a work team from the Churches of Christ in Christian Union (CCCU) come and start work on the new teacher's housing unit at Kikongo Primary School.  Rev. Steve Palmer led the team of six and they did a fantastic job.  The team members were Steve Palmer, Paul Blackburn, Keith Brooks, Bob Clemons, Connie Hendershot and Harold Hunley.    

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