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Steve Palmer team

rev. steve palmer on buvuma islandIn January 2009, we had a work team from the Churches of Christ in Christian Union (CCCU) come and start work on the new teacher's housing unit at Kikongo Primary School.  Rev. Steve Palmer led the team of six and they did a fantastic job.  The team members were Steve Palmer, Paul Blackburn, Keith Brooks, Bob Clemons, Connie Hendershot and Harold Hunley.    

After arriving at the island on Monday afternoon, we squared up the foundation and put up our batterboards. 

On Tuesday, we started the actual digging and it soon became apparent that this was not going to be an easy job.  Much of the ground was rock hard and the hoes and pick axes we had did not put much of a dent in it.  But the team persevered and by Wednesday afternoon, the footers were dug and ready to pour.  The re-bar was placed and the footers poured before we left the island Thursday.

I was able to take the team to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda for the weekend.  It helped break up the work schedule and I believe everyone really enjoyed it.  We all had a good time of relaxation and enjoying God's awesome creation.

We went back to the island on Monday and began laying brick for the foundation.  By Tuesday evening, the bricks were laid and on Wednesday morning the columns poured and we headed back to the mainland.  On Thursday, we all enjoyed a day of "market" shopping and lunch at Fang Fang, a very nice Chinese restaurant in Kampala.

The team left Friday morning and we were sorry to see them go.  They did a great job and made a very good impression on the local people we worked with, not to mention the huge encouragement they were to the missionary team here.  Thank you CCCU team!!

If you would be interested in a work team to Uganda, contact World Gospel Mission.